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Digitalisation enabling ideal selection tools

What is a good selection tool for you? We took the opportunity to discuss digitalisation in connection to heating selection tools and have featured our contribution in October edition of Hot Cool magazine! Easy to access, intuitive to use, with all information in one place, trustworthy and providing support – read our article and discover our vision for selection tools like Heat Selector!

With no time to spare, heating system designers, planners and installers are looking for efficient tools. Hereby, the digitalisation is playing an upfront role with endless possibilities for optimization. Instead of time-consuming manual work, online tools optimize the selection process through a guided process that make a search for the right technical solution more simple. 

The ideal selection tool needs to be easy to access and intuitive to use. All information is to be contained in one place and integrated to support the whole design process. Finally, it has to be trustworthy and equipped with a feature for constant support. 
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